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Sun Precision Machining is a diversified company which is not tied into one industry. That insures you the stability of a long term relationship with a company that will be here in the future. From stainless steel parts for the automotive industry to the aerospace industry, Sun Precision Machining remains committed to continuing to meet the challenges of industry as its needs and requirements change.

On Time Delivery

All orders are tracked by computer on a daily basis from start to finish. We're able to change priorities immediately to accommodate our customers' needs.


Experience with different materials means flexibility. We're very accustomed to working with stainless steel and exotic materials as well as aluminum, brass, cold finished steel, alloys and plastics.

Quality Assurance

We have a full-time Quality Control Department with a dedicated inspection facility. Our quality department will work with a customer’s specific quality requirements to insure a reliable and consistent machined part. We also maintain a clean, modern, well lit and organized facility for a safer, more efficient manufacturing process. We strive to maintain the most productive atmosphere possible to insure quality and efficiency in every step of production.

Shipping and Packaging

Sun Precision Machining’s commitment to service is evident in the shipping department, where customer needs are top priority. Parts are cleaned, then carefully packaged to keep dirt and moisture out. All orders receive protective packaging after completion and are stored safely until shipment. Each container is clearly labeled with all important information to identify the contents. Bar coded labeling is also available for your receiving department. We also offer assembly and final packaging at the customer's request.